Ways Google Makes Assessment of Web Pages’ Authority

The way Google assesses authority of web pages remains a matter of question for most of us. Here, it would be worth mentioning that it’s not the one major factor only that Google considers for this calculation. There are a number of ranking signals and some undisclosed metrics that are taking onto consideration by Google for the web pages’ authority assessment.


The matter of fact is that Google had been relying on a single metric to assess authorities of the web pages. That metric is known as PageRank. The PageRank is basically associated with the number of links a page would have. Nevertheless, the quality of those links would also have major say. Let’s put it this way. The pages with less number of links pointing to the high quality websites would have better authority as compared to the pages which would have more links pointing to unremarkable pages.

Today’s authority assessment criteria

Links and content still hold great value when it comes to assessment of web pages’ authority. Nevertheless, things have got changes to great extent after the launch of RankBrain, the artificial intelligence system employed by Google. Now, there are over 200 ranking signals that are taken into consideration in order to assess the authority of web pages.

Paul Haahr, one of Google’s senior engineers, says, “We have no one signal that we’ll say, ‘This is authority.’ We have a whole bunch of things that we hope together help increase the amount of authority in our results.”

However, Google didn’t disclose what those ranking signals are. Most of the Google’s professionals avoided giving the definite details as they would say that bucket of factors basically combine to work as one unit and that too in a passive way.

According to a calculated guess, it is hoped that one of the ways to assess authority is the assessment of quality ratings, which are now being employed in the web pages.

Haahr further says, “Our goal in all of this is that we are increasing the quality of the pages that we show to users. Some of our signals are correlated with these notions of quality.”


Now, the authority of every single page is being assessed

Although, there is no single or sole ranking signal that makes major impact on authority assessment, the bucket of signals essentially work like one. This change in approach leads to another question; i.e. is the authority calculation being done to each of the web page on internet, or is it the process of calculating authority of entire domains.

Here, Google says that authority calculation is done on the pages. The purpose of avoiding authority assessment of entire domains is to avoid developing wrong assumptions about the bad quality pages which would exist in the high authority domains.


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